California Lovin’

So, I definitely created that title before I decided to google it and realized that it’s actually (1) a song by Tupac and (2) supposed to be “California Love”, not “California Lovin'”. I could have sworn there was a song called “California Lovin'”, though… Hmm.

Well, at any rate, I’m back in the Bay Area, enjoying the sun, the wide highways, and the company of my best friend, who may be the only person reading this blog (except for you, mystery reader, who clicked on my blog from facebook on May 15th and then proceeded to read every single entry…yes, wordpress records this stuff and, yes, you were my only reader in a month).

I am in a crazy kind of mood, brought on by the fact that I haven’t actually left my bed today because it’s summer! Yes, finally, it’s summer vacation, which means I get to use the first week of it lying in bed and catching up on my favorite shows. Tomorrow,  however, will be a different story, a story of struggle, of courage, of perseverance, as I start focusing on my big summer project–an education start-up. Very California, no?


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