I’m having brunch, a less-than-inspiring fare of chicken with broccoli sauce, a thin tangle of bacon, and roast potatoes. Every moment I eat, however, is just staving off the eventuality of packing. I’ll be (temporarily) moving to Madrid in less than a month, and I will need to pack and store my entire dorm room today. Before my flight tomorrow. I realize I always make lists when overwhelmed. Here’s one:

To-Do for Today:
1. Laundry
2. Pack
3. Return emails
4. Get a present for our building manager, and small Christmas gifts for other friends.

1. Store
2. Pick up passport
3. Pick up financial aid and other checks
4. Meet with dean

I despise packing. Items that are perfectly happy with their present situation on my floor shouldn’t be forcibly put away. Perhaps a nap, first.

It’s bright and cold outside, like everything’s encased in ice. If I can help it, I will not step outside.


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