Independence Day

July 4th in Beijing. I’m sitting in the Bookworm, where 90% of its clientele is foreign, and surrounded on all sides by well-worn English literature organized on dark wood shelves. This is pretty patriotic, and just about as American as you can get anywhere in the world. Doing work for start-up, sipping white wine and dining on smoked salmon with cold asparagus stalks.

Later, I’ll be heading over to Club China Doll, where their Fourth of July celebration includes BBQ on their rooftop terrace and dancing. Free entry for those with US passports or those wearing red, white, and blue. For this patriotic occasion, I’ve decided to wear a white bodice dress with blue flower embroidery. With nothing red in my wardrobe, I’ve decided to complete my outfit with a red paper fan. One point for creativity.

I remember for July 4th…two years ago?…when I lay on the grassy hill near my house with a friend and watched fireworks. If only Beijing allowed fireworks within the city…


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