After Lunch Blues

Working for a Chinese company that still hasn’t gone public and is still considered a government enterprise has its socialist perks. Namely, lunch tickets. These little slips of paper, about the size of a small post-it, carries with it the date and a faded, red stamp, complete with a communist star in the middle. Approximate value? 12 RMB, or $1.80.

My coworkers and I usually go to one of two restaurants in the area which still take these government issued tickets. Gathering all our little slips together, we can order a collective selection of dishes–spicy fish slices, stir-fry, fried shrimp… The selection isn’t bad. Dishes can be sometimes dirty and the service can be slow, but it’s lunch.

And now, I would like to nap. The two or so hours after lunch has to be the laziest, most sluggish part of my day.


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