How to get out of a summer internship

Blogging attempt #6. I wish this blog longevity, unlike its unlucky predecessors.

Today, I got the ethernet cable at my workplace to work with my macbook. This is no small feat and has several significant implications.

1. I no longer have to deal with the overworked piece of antique masquerading as a desktop computer.

2. I no longer have to click on something, then do a rain-dance and glory hymn to the gods, hoping the page loads.

3. While doing nothing at my internship, I can do things for the start up and nonprofit I work for. Oh, and blog.

When I first got to my internship, I actually tried to make my time here fruitful. After a few naive attempts at project proposals, however, I’ve settled into the dull rhythm of sitting at my computer and brushing up on my Spanish with a Chinese-Spanish “manuel de lecturas”.

After a few talks with other college-aged peers, I’ve discovered that pretty much everyone finds his/her summer internship meaningless (except for the bastards who don’t…fuck them). So, between moments of doing nothing and more nothing, I’ve daydreamed some methods of breaking free.

Plan A:

Quit. If you, like me,  have an ivy-league summer program director/pig (whose initials may or may not be J.C.) threaten you with deportation if you quit, then proceed to Plan B.

Plan B:

Claim insanity. Try telling the powers that be that your job makes you mentally unstable, smiling calmly as you tell them how easily it is to get sleeping pills OTC in Beijing.

Plan C:

This is actually a friend’s plan of action, which worked out rather well for her. That is, manipulate your boss into letting you work from home. Then, find a new internship.

Rinse and repeat.



  1. Rui

    Awesome, a blog from one of my favorite writers 🙂

    Thanks, I’ll be checking up on you as another way to slack off during the 8 hour shift at my office.

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